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15  per Smoothie


Pleasure Center A creamy delight of dark chocolate, rolled oats, hemp milk, and chia seeds.
Benefits: Anti-Oxidant, blood pressure health, strong bones, high fiber

Spice my Life
A tongue tingling blend of vanilla protein powder, Chai Tea, almond milk and cinnamon
Benefits: More lean muscle and less fat, anti-cancer, cardiovascular health

Holiday Cheer
Gingerbread cookie turned smoothie with banana, almond milk, molasses, flaxseed and winter spices
Benefits: Free radical fighter, stress relief, healthy cholesterol levels

 Comfort and cleansing, with green apples, cinnamon, spinach, and protein powder
Benefits: lowers cholesterol, high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, levels blood sugar

Buttery Clean
Pears, almond butter, fresh ginger, almond milk and maple syrup…yes please!
Benefits: Digestive aid, reduces inflammation, promotes a lean body

 Reminiscent of banana bread, with walnuts, dates, cinnamon, banana and ginger
Benefits: Mood boosting, promotes relaxation, improves memory, heart protection


 A powerful blend of kale, mint, pineapple, banana, chia seeds, and super green powder
Benefits: Detoxification, stress relief, healthy heart and cholesterol, nutrient dense
 A snappy and refreshing combination of spinach, apple, ginger, basil and coconut
Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, reduces water weight, promotes glowing skin

 A slimming fusion of cucumber, celery, mint, chia seeds, hemp seeds, and super green powder
Benefits: Anti-oxidant, immune boosting, heart, brain and skin health, fresh breath


A festive cocktail of cranberry, orange, Greek yogurt, almond milk and maple syrup
Benefits: Anti-oxidant, healthy blood pressure, healing, free radical fighter

A jewel colored blend of pomegranate, acai, banana, and coconut milk yogurt
Benefits: Anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-tumor, heart health, slimming, healthy skin

Sweet and sour persimmon adds complexity to creamy coconut, along with banana, honey and spices.
Benefits: Eye Health, rejuvenating, boosts metabolism, increases iron, energizes


15 per soup


Deep Clean
A seriously effective and satisfying puree, featuring broccoli, a variety of greens, lemon tang, chia seeds and coconut oil
Benefits: Supports the liver with detoxification, anti-cancer, strong bones, iron

Iron Youth
A tender emulsion of leek, garlic, thyme, lemon and chicken broth
Benefits: Anti-age, supports cardiovascular health, reduces stiffness, alkaline

This cleansing and delicious soups features celery, spinach, bell pepper and Indian spices
Benefits: Supports cleansing, iron, aids digestion and constipation, antioxidant

A satiating red curry soup with chicken breast, balanced with traditional Thai flavors
Benefits: Eases pain and inflammation, heart health, muscle maintenance

Full Spectrum
A filling stew combining sweet potatoes, green lentils, kale and Indian spices
Benefits: Digestive aid, healthy weight support, increases energy, enhances complexion

An earthy, creamy stew blending quinoa, hot pepper, coconut milk, and squash
Benefits: Complete vegetarian protein, antioxidant, levels blood sugar, nutrient packed

Bright and Clear

Secret Weapon
A purple-red potion packed with nutritious beets, carrots, coconut oil and seasoning
Benefits: Boosts stamina, lowers blood pressure, supports eye health and detoxification

Inner Fire
This purée of fall bounty emphasizes orange squash, sweet apples and earthy mushrooms
Benefits: Boosts eye sight and skin health, levels blood sugar, promotes detoxification

This vegetarian hot and sour soup comforts and soothes, with mushrooms, apple cider vinegar and tofu
Benefits: Supports detoxification, comforts, aids in digestion, levels blood sugar, immune support

Release Elixirs



High quality purified water—it never tasted so good!
Seasonal water infusions: Grapefruit-Rosemary, Mandarin Orange, Green Tea-Citrus
Benefits: Rejuvenates and cleanses the body, energizing
3€/ 25cl
5€ /50cl

Fresh Peppermint Tea
Benefits: Supports a healthy weight through a natural decrease in appetite, respiratory health, memory aid and stress relief
One Size 8€

Golden Milk
A creamy hot beverage used in Chinese and Indian medicine, with Turmeric and Coconut Oil
Benefits: Antioxidant, liver cleansing, stress relief, hunger control
One Size 10€

Red Earth
A red grounding infusion of Rooibos leaves
Benefits: Relief for: headache, insomnia, asthma and hypertension, supports fat release through increasing metabolism, eliminating water weight and aiding digestion
One Size 8€

Melt Away
A hot Indian elixir with cinnamon, green tea, raw honey, lemon juice and cayenne
Benefits: Speeds metabolism, fights free radicals, promotes detoxification
One Size 10€

Ray of Sun
A bright cool beverage with carrot, turmeric and ginger
Benefits: Provides a large amount of your daily vitamins and nutrients- allowing you to consume less calories, boosts metabolism, antioxidant and free radical fighter
One Size 12€

Pure Love
A spicy-tart hot tea or cool lemonade with fresh ginger, lemon and honey
Benefits: Increases metabolism, colon cleansing, anti-inflammatory, natural appetite suppressant
One Size 10€

-We create a Home Delivered meal plan for you, according to your preferences.

-Our packages are designed in collaboration with a professional chef, nutritionist and health coach

-Meals can be created based on your caloric needs, measured by our dietician.

-Products are delivered fresh, according to your schedule.

-Our food and drinks are seasonal, artisanal, and 75% organic.

-Whether you are an omnivore, vegetarian, gluten free, Paleo, or any other special diet- we adapt to you.

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