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Sculpt your body, sculpt your life

Fitness and wellness services at home, at the office of any other location. Our specialists come to you.

PinFit Concept


Let us design a personalized package, adapted to your goals and desires, providing the support you need to change your body and your life.

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Complete your training plan with a nutrition package.
-Do you want to lose weight and feel comfortable in your own skin?
-Would you like to enjoy eating healthful and delicious meals while increasing your energy?
-Do you want to learn how to eat properly to accompany your active lifestyle?

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The ultimate combination:
Body sculpting/personal training
Nutrition coaching or makeover
Massage of your choice:
– lymphatic drainage- helps to remove cellulite and excess water in the body)
– deep-realeses painful tightness and knots, leading to stress relief- a key to weightloss and well-being
– Thai- allow our practitioner to bend and stretch your body, increasing flexibility and releasing old holding patterns in the body, opening you to the new
and many more

As you challenge yourself, stepping up your workout program and transforming your eating, treat yourself to a weekly massage.

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How does it work?

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After having tried one or more of our services, choose your package and payment method.

Start your package

Our specialists will accompany you with your chosen package, on the dates and times of your choice. After a month or at the end of your sessions, you can expect a telephone call or email, to check up on your progress and if necessary, adjust the package.


Our Classes

Our Specialists

Kristin Merryman,

came to Paris 7 years ago, from Boulder, Calorado. She is a personal coach, certified by the American Council on Exercise, ACE. She founded PinFit to offer high end and trending services, to help clients to transform their body and life through fitness and wellness.

Nos spécialistes


I am a loyal customer of PinFit for 3 years and I really appreciate the personalized training offered by Kristin. When my physical needs changed, I was able to have an adjustment in my training schedule, in order to achieve my goals. I am a fan!


Kristin has been my trainer for about 5 months. In the last 6 years, I’ve seen a good, varying coaches, from the states as well as from France. So today, I can testify that Kristin is the best that I’ve experienced. Not only does she work with me to adjust my work outs to my training goals, but she also has good technical and scientific knowledge. The training sessions are difficult, which suits me adequatley. Furthermore, she’s available, very professional and overall a joy to work with. I highly recommend her.


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To learn more about Pinfit, contact: Kristin Merryman +33 6 01 14 32 63